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Boise Area:

Ted Apel

Boise Naval Base

Eric Boyer

Bill Carmen

Francis Fox


Sue Latta

Kelly Packer

Paste Eater

Flint Weisser

Ben Wilson

Outside the Boise Area


Ray Caesar

David Choe

Eric Eschenbach

Jeremy Fish

Sam Flores


Nathan Jurevicius

Mars 1

Odd Nerdrum

Tamsie Ringler

Chris Ryniak

Jeff Soto

Jonathan Weiner

Chet Zar


Boise Area:

Visual Arts Collective

Stewart Gallery

Jcrist Gallery

Basement Gallery

Outside the Boise Area

BLK/MRKT Gallery

Copro Nason Gallery

Jonathan LeVine

Gallery Noir

Shooting Gallery

Strychinin Gallery

Think Space

Art Misc.

Boise Area:

Audio Lab

Boise Weekly


Steve Fulton Music

Good Boy Rufus

Idaho Commission on the Arts

Outside the Boise Area

Fecal Face


Saatchi Gallery

Kid Robot

Wooster Collective

Robots Will Kill

The London Police

beinArt Surreal Art Collective

Surreal Visionary Fantastic Art & Metamorphosis Art Book

The Dave Cave

Underground Art Union


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